The Ornament is Complete

I put the finishing touches on the ornament today.  I think it turned out nicely.  I should be posting the pattern in the next few days.

Please notice that I’ve also added a photo widget to the side of the page where I’ll be posting my designs when I’ve stitched them.  



Baptized Child of God

I decided to start some designs in my Quest for a Christian Christmas tree.  Here is the first.  It is going to have stitching on the back piece with each of my daughters’ names and their date of baptism.

Baptized Child of God

I stitched it on 14 ct Aida using DMC floss.  The lettering and shell outline uses DMC light effects floss.  I hope to post the pattern shortly.


All Saints Banner

I finally finished the All Saints Banner Design today.  It’s available for free from my designs page.

This was also my stepdaughter’s confirmation verse.  I thought it was appropriate for the Sunday when we remember those who have gone before us into heaven.

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The Quest for a Christian Christmas Tree

As I have mentioned before, this year, my husband and I want to have a totally Christian Christmas tree.  So, I’ve been making ornaments like crazy and hope to be designing some more to go with the patterns I already have.


I thought I’d share two of my latest, out of The Big Book of Christmas Quickies by Leisure Arts

New Design: Reformation Banner

I know it’s a little Lutheran, but my next banner is for Reformation.  Don’t worry, non-Lutherans, next on the list is a banner for All Saints/Saints Triumphant.  I just haven’t been struck with an idea for it yet.

Here’s a little background:

Reformation  is celebrated on or around October 31.  This is the same day as Halloween or All Hallows Eve and this is for good reason.  It’s the day that Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenburg.  He posted it because there would be a huge influx of people in the next day for All Saints Day.  He was getting increasingly distressed with the Catholic church and saw disparity in Rome with brothels for priests and priests not saying the correct words of institution correctly so he posted the Theses to try to start a debate to have these things fixed.  Unfortunately, the Pope didn’t see it that way and ended up excommunicating Luther.  When Luther eventually saw that the Pope would not fix things but wanted to silence him, the “Lutheran” princes and their people broke away.  Strangely enough, about 100 years later, the Catholic church would have its own little Reformation where they cleaned up a lot of the things that had angered and distressed Luther.

And now for the design:

The text of the banner is the first line of the great Lutheran hymn “A Mighty Fortress” which is taken from Psalm 46:1.  At the top, you will see a fortress that is flying banners with the cross on it.  At the bottom is the Luther seal.  You can find a great explanation of the seal here:

You can find the PDF for the design on the Designs page.



Things that I want/plan to design

I was up late last night and the idea came to me for a Reformation-themed banner.  I know the non-Lutherans won’t really care to make one so I also plan to make one for All Saints.

I’ve been thinking lately about what I hope to accomplish.  The motivation for what I design is generally my two daughters and things that I can make to make our home express our Christianity.  Here’s a list:

– Advent calender
– Advent candles
– Seasonal banners
– Scripture passage samplers

Non designing things that I am doing

First of all, Happy Fourth of July. What a great day to celebrate our country’s birth and to live in a country where we can freely practice our religion!

I have not been designing anything lately. I am also a stitcher and designing is just a hobby at this point. But what I am working on may interest you. I will tell you a story.

Once upon a time, my grandma went to a Christmas service at my church and noticed the lovely ornaments on the Christmas trees. They were called “Chrismons.” She acquired a pattern book for them and started making them for her church. Sadly after her death, the church burned down taking all them with them but a few survive that were in my possession.

Enter my husband who when I met him was studying to be a pastor, which sadly did not happen due to circumstances. After I married him, we bought a Christmas tree for our house together. As we shopped, we talked about how he’d always wanted to have a tree decorated only in Christian symbols. I remembered the Chrismons my grandma made. My mother found her materials in her basement and shipped them to me but I’m not quite ready to try my hand at wires and beads. I found some nice counted cross stitch patterns for Christian monograms, so I’m starting there, stitching lovely symbols for my Christmas tree. Someday, I hope I can cover my tree in them and put my secular ornaments on a different tree or leave them boxed up.

You can see the Chrismons I’ve done so far here:
You can learn more about the people who invented “Chrismons’ and their ministry here:

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