A Banner inspired by mine

Tanelet at “Tentatively Tanelet” decided to take my Reformation Banner design and run with it!

Tanelet's Reformation Banner

You can definitely tell that it’s been modified from my original design.  However, some key design elements like the text and the fortress are still present.  I really like how it turned out.  Definitely took a lot of time and work.  And I think the modifications work very well for a large church banner.  Mine is more designed to be smaller so things like the original font I used would not be so readable on a large banner like this.  Definitely will look sharp in church come Reformation!

You can read more about what she did on her blog: http://tenelet.blogspot.com/2012/10/reformation-banner-2012.html


Baptized Child of God Finishing Ideas

I finally uploaded the pattern for “Baptized Child of God.”

I see a lot of potential for this design.  It’s a fairly easy stitch (it took me only a few hours and that was with interruptions).  It also can be stitched using just plain old 14 ct. Aida and regular DMC which is cheap and now available at a lot of Wal-Marts.  When completed, there it is a lovely reminder of your baptism.

Based on your level of difficulty, here are a number of ways to complete this ornament

  1. Glue the cross stitch to a piece of cardstock.  Use a fancy scissors to give the cardstock a nice edge.  Write the child’s name and date of baptism on the back with paint or a marker.
  2. Glue or stitch the cross stitch to a piece of felt.  Use a pinking shears to edge the felt.  Use fabric paint to put the child’s name and date of baptism on the back.
  3. Purchase a cross stitch plastic frame (round or square).  Cut the cross stitch to size of the provided sticky board and pop into the frame.  Write the child’s name and date of baptism on the back with a marker.
  4. Stitch the child’s name and date of baptism under the finished piece.  Fold the sides under and stitch in place.  Fray the bottom edge.  Fold the top edge down and stitch so there’s room for a small thin dowel.  Attach string to both ends of the dowel so it becomes a banner.
  5. (Model) Stitch the child’s name and date of baptism on a separate piece of Aida and attach to the front.  You can put both right sides together, sew together and flip and finish as a pillow or flatfold.  Or, as seen in the model, use either the 4 sided stitch or cross stitches to attach the pieces of Aida together and stuff with polyfill before fraying the edges.