First Banner Completed!

I finished my banner for the Sundays After Pentecost.  I am posting it for free below.  Let me take some time to explain some of the symbolism of the banner.

The background is green because most of the Sundays after Pentecost are green (with a few exceptions like Pentecost day which is red and the 1st Sunday after Pentecost which is also Holy Trinity Sunday which is white).  Green is the color of life.  During the season of Pentecost, a lot of different themes are explored (there are 20+ Sundays, so there’s a lot of time for that) but many times, the early church and the epistles are talked about.  Because of this, I chose a church for the banner.  The church is resting on a rock which symbolizes Christ as the church’s foundation.  The words are the opening line from the hymn “Built on the Rock.”  At the bottom is the sign of the Triune God.


You may stitch this on Aida or Evenweave, but it should be green.  You could also substitute metallics as well.  I recommend a 8″x16″ piece of fabric if using 14/28 ct.

The pattern can be downloaded from the Box widget.


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