Idea in Progress

While I try to sort out what I’m going to do with Bible translations, I’ve decided to move on to something else I wanted to do with this venture.

In my church, we do follow the traditional church year.  I know that a lot of churches have abandoned this except for major festivals like Christmas and Easter.  Anyway, I liked the idea of having different projects for different parts of the church year.  But, ultimately, there’s a problem.  What to do with it when the season changes?  I have this wonderful nativity scene that I stitched but it’s hard to figure out where to hang it because it’s so specific to Christmas.

Then, I had an idea.  Why not make different banners that could be hung up for the different church seasons?  They wouldn’t have to be huge like the ones you might find in church.  That’s what I’m working on right now.  Let’s see what comes of it.

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